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Gotham Knights

We're avenging Batman in Gotham Knights on today's GR Live

Join us for an hour of Warner Bros. Games Montreal's action title.

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Last week was a big one for gamers, as several massive titles all debuted within the week. One of those very games was Gotham Knights, an action project that sees players taking to a version of Gotham that has fallen into disarray following the untimely death of Batman. To make up for the void of the Caped Crusader, four of his proteges, the Gotham Knights, have stepped in to tackle the crime that is overwhelming the city.

While you can read our full thoughts on Gotham Knights in our review here, you can also join us later today, at the GR Live homepage, when I will be hosting and looking to play an hour of the game starting from the usual time of 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST. Be sure to drop by to see us face off with some of Gotham's most menacing villains and to start cracking the case behind Batman's death.

Gotham Knights

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