We're checking out Inkulinati on today's GR Live

Join us for an hour of Yaza Games Early Access title.

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Yesterday marked the Early Access/Xbox Game Preview launch date for Yaza Games' medieval strategy title, Inkulinati. Designed as a game where players have to settle scores by commanding legions of weird and wonderful doodles in combat, this game all takes place on a medieval manuscript, giving the game an appearance of something that you would find scrawled on a tapestry.

With Inkulinati now available to check out in its Early Access form, we're diving into the game for an hour on today's GR Live, where our very own Rebeca will be hosting and looking to play through the first hour of the strategy title. Be sure to join her at the GR Live homepage to see the action as it unfolds, and also catch a trailer of the game below to see what we'll be in store for.


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