Conan Exiles

We're getting back into Conan Exiles on today's livestream

The full release has arrived, and so another visit is in order.

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Conan Exiles isn't strictly a new game, as FunCom's survival title has been in early access for quite some time, gathering steam and momentum as players have come and gone, but as of this week the game has fully launched and left early access behind, meaning it's the perfect time to try it again to see what's changed.

That's exactly what we're doing on today's livestream, so if you've been twiddling your thumbs wondering to yourself whether Conan Exiles is worthy of your time and money, why not join us for two hours from 15:00 BST (16:00 CEST) on our live page to see what's what in the game.

Conan Exiles

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