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Halo Infinite

We're slamming more noobs in Halo Infinite's multiplayer on today's GR Live

Join us as we dive into a couple of hours of 343 Industries shooter.

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We're getting ever closer to the full release of Halo Infinite on December 8, when the campaign will officially unlock and fans will be able to experience the next stage of Master Chief's story.

But, ahead of that day, we still have plenty of Halo Infinite to continue to enjoy, as the multiplayer is still available, and with that in mind, we're going to be hosting yet another GR Live stream where we dive in and look to crush some noobs in the various game modes that the title offers.

As per usual, this means you can join us at the GR Live homepage at the typical time of 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET, where Dori will be hosting for two hours, with various other Gamereactor members coming along for the ride (myself included again!).

If you haven't yet had the chance, be sure to also read our final campaign preview of Halo Infinite ahead of the launch in eight days, as well as watching the trailer for season one of multiplayer below.

Halo Infinite

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