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We've been playing around with the DJI RS 3 Mini on the latest Quick Look

Designed for camera operators, this small form-factor handheld stabiliser is the first mini version in the RS series.

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If you're a camera person and like to keep up to date with the latest innovations in the field, while gawking at the most recent flashy technology, then our most recent Quick Look episode will be right up your street. As we've been playing around with the DJI RS 3 Mini, which is a handheld stabiliser designed for those filming while on the move, and is the first ever mini iteration in the RS series.

Boasting a lightweight design that clocks in at only 795 grams, all while supporting native vertical shooting, all on top of having Bluetooth shutter control, and a 1.4" full colour touchscreen, this is one to keep an eye on if you find yourself filming a lot of content while actively wandering about.

To see our brief thoughts on the DJI RS 3 Mini, catch the latest Quick Look episode below.


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