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Teamfight Tactics

We've taken a look at Teamfight Tactics' newest Set

Things are getting weird in Monsters Attack! Glitched Out!!

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Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is set for a new mid-Set update, called Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! Glitched Out!! Although players banded together to defend Spatulopolis against monstrous threats from all sides, it wasn't enough and now the once-shining streets have fallen into chaos and ruin.

Seizing the opportunity, Ultra Threat Whisker has torn rifts in reality, spreading a corrupting influence. With things in dire straits, who could blame players choosing to flip from good to evil, and taking the opportunity to indulge in some well earned mayhem.

Monsters Attack! Glitched Out!! Brings with it new and changed Champions, a mysterious new carousel and new villainous Little Legends and cosmetics. For the first time ever, the new Parallel trait means that players will be able to field two different versions of the same Champion - past and future versions of Ezreal.

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Teamfight Tactics

In terms of traits and Champions, there are of course some changes.

Recon is no more, being sacrificed to make way for the Parallel trait, which is being joined by newcomers InfiniTeam, Quickdraw, and Riftwalker.

Parallel gives improved abilities to Ezreal if both versions are fielded. InfiniTeam centres around scaling for augments and creating copies of your units. Quickdraw centres around rapid-firing abilities, and Riftwalkers open a tear to bring forth a powered-up Zac unit.

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A.D.M.I.N., Ace, Aegis, Anima Squad, Brawler, Corrupted, Defender, Duelist, Forecaster, Gadgeteen, Hacker, Heart, LaserCorps, Mascot, Mecha: PRIME, Ox Force, Prankster, Renegade, Spellslinger, Star Guardian, Supers, Sureshot, Threat, and Underground are all returning.

A number of new Champions are coming, with augments to accompany them.

The new InfiniTeam units are: Lucian (1 cost, InfiniTeam, Quickdraw, Renegade); Pantheon (1 cost, InfiniTeam, Heart); Shen (3 cost, InfiniTeam, Defender, Hacker); Twisted Fate (4 cost, InfiniTeam, Duelist, Spellslinger); and Ultimate Ezreal (5 cost, InfiniTeam, Parallel, Sureshot).

The new Riftwalker units are: Pyke (2 cost, Riftwalker, Hacker); Vex (3 cost, Riftwalker, Mascot); and Jhin (4 cost, Riftwalker, Renegade).

Kai'Sa, Miss Fortune, and Ezreal are gaining the Quickdraw trait, with Ezreal gaining the Parallel trait in addition.

The remaining new additions are: Gnar (3 cost, Gadgeteen, Prankster); Morgana (3 cost, Threat); Aatrox (4 cost, Threat); Garen (4 cost, Mecha: PRIME, Defender); Neeko (4 cost, Star Guardian, Spellslinger); and Warwick (5 cost, A.D.M.I.N., LaserCorps, Brawler).

Aphelios, Cho'Gath, Galio, Sejuani, Senna, Sett, Soraka, Taliyah, Talon, Vel'Koz, Yuumi, Zac (sort of), Zed, and Zoe will be leaving the set, whilst all other current Champions will remain.

Teamfight Tactics

Additionally, the carousel has also been influenced by the fall of Spatulopolis, and may sometimes glitch, with surprising consequences. From stage two until stage six, there is a chance that glitched out carousels may appear.

This means more components and items, consumables, and in some cases, even anvils replacing Champions entirely. Glitched carousels get progressively more impactful as the match goes on.

Quality of life in TFT is also getting a huge upgrade, as carousel items will now automatically head to your component bench instead of being bound to the selected Champion. This feature will be staying long after the terrors of Monsters Attack are lost to time.

Finally, a slew of new cosmetics are coming, including new diabolical Little Legends such as Super Evil Sprite, Nemesis Nimblefoot, Ultra Threat Whisker, and many more. Additionally, Chibi Zed and Chibi PROJECT Zed will become available.

Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack! Glitched Out!! goes live on the PBE today (March 8), and on live servers on March 22.

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