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Super Mario Odyssey

Why are Nintendo talking about Super Mario Odyssey all of a sudden?

Switch users got an email today where Nintendo suddenly hyped an almost six-year-old adventure.

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A lot of us were really surprised when we opened our email and noticed there was one from Nintendo. While this isn't entirely uncommon, it usually is about new games and various campaigns. This on the other hand was about a game released back in 2017 - Super Mario Odyssey.

In the subject line, Nintendo wrote "Super Mario Odyssey - Remember the last time you played it?", while also adding "Perhaps it's worth hopping aboard The Odyssey once more and taking the trip all over again". It's likely just related to the fact that The Super Mario Bros. Movie premieres in April and Nintendo want some synergy effects and remind people that there is really only one exclusive 3D Super Mario adventure available for Switch.

With that being said, it could also be that Nintendo has something planned, either DLC for the game (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe got DLC, remember?) or even a brand new adventure. While it's probably more reasonable to believe that Nintendo would save a new Mario adventure for their next console, we'd still like to know why you think Nintendo all of a sudden decided it's about time to talk about a title that has its 6th anniversary this year?

Oh, and please tell us what you think of Super Mario Odyssey as well.

Super Mario Odyssey
Nintendo suddenly asks us about our Super Mario Odyssey voyages... suspicious!

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