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League of Legends: Wild Rift

Wild Rift Champions Team Queso: Manchego? "We are like an aggressive and loud cheese"

Vejos on Icons moving to Singapore: "Obviously Madrid would have been nicer for the home audience".

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Team Queso became the new WREC EMEA Champions earlier this month in Barcelona, in the process securing both a direct seat at the upcoming global finals and the biggest share of the 200,000 eur prize pool.

In the following interview, which was recorded at the venue right after lifting the cup, we talk with Mid Louis "Vejos" Looke, the German player feeling "amazing" about the victory:


"Obviously, [MVP] Andreszed's dragon steals, but also the general performance was really, really good", Vejos says about the key to winning the Wild Rift Championship. "The most important thing was to actually stick together as a team, to play as a team, to perform as a team, to move around like one person, to do everything we need to as a team, to not tilt after a one lost game".

Despite the euphoria, potentially facing the Asian teams at the global Icons in the summer means a whole different challenge. "I would say that the Asian teams are really, really good, like another level above us, but we definitely have the time now, one month, to improve a lot and then compete with the Asian teams, especially the Chinese teams", says Vejos, who had something to say upon learning those global finals had just been moved from Madrid to Singapore:

"Obviously Madrid would have been nicer for the home audience here in Spain, because we are a Spanish team, but Singapore is a really nice country. Last year's Horizon Cup was held there as well, so I think it's going to be a very nice experience, because it's also a country people are not visiting everyday, you know? So it's actually something new for a lot of people, I would say".

Last but not least, the German Mid unveils that Team Queso are "like an aggressive and loud cheese", when asked about Spanish Manchego and the different types of actual cheese.

How do you think TQ will perform in Singapore?

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