Wildstar adds PvP with Sabotage in next content drop

Puts a twist on Battleground match-types.

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NCsoft have announced the main offering of the next "content drop" for MMORPG Wildstar - a new battleground match-type.

"Sabotage is a new battleground match-type coming to WildStar, by way of an all-new map whose very name evokes all the many joys of time-bombing: Daggerstone Pass! But be warned, countdown enthusiasts: victory at Sabotage will require more than just pyromania. You'll need cunning strategy, meticulously coordinated attacks, and, most important of all, a willingness to blow up enemies. "

You can learn more about Sabotage in this latest "DevSpeak video", and we'll deliver our own impressions on the 15 vs 15 mode in the near future.


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