Wildstar getting Redmoon Terror raid after Destination Arcterra

New game director highlights features coming to MMORPG in 2016.

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Wildstar is a fresh take on the MMORPG formula from Carbine Studios and NCsoft, and it went free-to-play last September, and today we've found out some of the new features coming in the months head.

Carbine's Chad Moore has now taken over the role of game director for the MMO, and in a new post on the game's official site, he's been detailing the upcoming highlights.

Next big update is the previously announced Destination Arcterra, but players can now have a glimpse of the content that's set to come afterwards, such as new raid Redmoon Terror.

Here's the three points highlighted by Moore:

• Three major content updates since last winter, including transition to a free-to-play game, two major holiday events and an ongoing cavalcade of smaller in-game events.

• The next game update, Destination Arcterra, includes a brand new max-level zone with unique design mechanics, great rewards, eye-popping art, and an epic storyline. It also opens up the second chapter in the Nexus Saga, Vault of the Archon (the first story-based instance that players can do solo or with friends).

• Roadmap; later this year players will find themselves in the Halon Ring asteroid belt, home to outlaws, marauders, and other unsavoury individuals. Redmoon Terror, the next major raid will go live, there will be a brand new expedition, an item upgrade system, updates to the PvP-system and much more.


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