Wildstar servers are closing down on November 28

Carbine's sci-fi MMORPG is shutting down later this year.

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During the summer it became clear that Carbine Studios was cancelling its MMO, Wildstar, and shutting down all servers, for good. Publisher NCSoft announced that a small development team would stay on in order to shut the game down, but did not leave the exact end date for the game. Until now.

Via the official website, we are told today that the date in question is November 28. Carbine released one last update to the game yesterday, which makes it much easier to level up and get some of the rare items that many players have been looking for over time. All purchases made after July 1 this year will be refunded in full. Here's the statement shared by the studio:

"When Carbine first started working on what would become WildStar back in 2005, the team set out to make something special that presented a different kind of MMORPG experience. At launch, the Carbine team delivered a deep, engaging, and spectacularly fun game full of outlandish adventures on the most legendary planet in the universe. And it has been our great privilege to share those adventures with all of you over the last four years. Unfortunately, as you may have heard, those adventures are coming to an end. It's never easy to say goodbye to something, especially something that has meant so much for so many—but the WildStar game service will close on November 28, 2018. From now until then we're going to do everything we can to honor the WildStar community, and show thanks for your support."

Will you miss Wildstar?


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