Wildstar servers close down as MMO goes offline

The sci-fi MMORPG is no more.

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We knew that Wildstar's servers would be closing down at the end of November when the announcement was made back in September, and now the deed is done and Carbine Studios' sci-fi action-MMO has gone offline.

The game's last remaining fans marked the moment the lights went out and you can see what happened here if you're at all curious, but as of the evening of November 28, the quirky MMORPG went offline and, barring a miracle, will never return.

Developer Carbine Studios also shut its doors back in September, although there was a message waiting for players on a landing page where the game's official server once was: "Carbine would like to thank all of the players who made planet Nexus such a special place of the last four and a half years. We will always remember you," the note reads.


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