Will Redfall have a redemption arc?

Bethesda could be willing to stick with the game to see it succeed.

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While Redfall's player count has dwindled to next to nothing on Steam, the developers might still be willing to give the vampire shooter a shot.

According to Windows Central's Jez Corden, Bethesda were once hopeful about giving the game a redemption arc. "I eavesdropped a Bethesda conversation at the not-E3 events in LA this year, and they were talking about sticking with the game," he said. "Yeah, they were talking about sticking with the game for years. They want to give it a 'redemption arc' and stuff like that."

Redfall released in May this year to pretty poor reception from fans and critics. Since then, hype for the game has died completely and even with a new update adding a lot of features, the player count still barely reaches into double digits.

With Corden admitting this information is quite dated, it could be the case that Bethesda has already given up, but if there is a redemption arc in the works, do you think it could save Redfall?


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