Witchfire unveils content roadmap to 1.0 release

The studio has also avoided spoilers to keep us guessing on what may be coming further down the line.

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Witchfire developer The Astronauts has just unveiled its content roadmap for the months leading up to the game's 1.0 release. Currently, it's in early access, but there will be a lot more content coming down the line alongside the reimagining of some existing parts of the game.

The Astronauts are planning to release one major update every two months, according to the post on the developer's website, but at the minute the team aren't promising anything, as it does appear this pace may be hard to keep up with.

By the end of the early access period, we'll be getting 6 new maps. Three of these have been named in Irongate Castle, Scarlet Coast, and Witch Mountain. The first two are already present, but are likely to get some updates later down the line.

The first of these major updates is set to hit us in November. Codenamed GCU, it'll give us a lot of new content to deal with. But, it seems we'll have to wait for specifics on what that content will entail.

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