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Withings has created a personal urine lab as its latest health effort

Thankfully, it's a hands-free device.

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As part of its CES showing the smart watch creator, Withings has announced its latest effort in health technology, and this one is probably not what you would've expected. Known as the U-Scan, this system is a hands-free home urine lab that can be put in your toilet and will then analyse your pee wherever you go to the bathroom.

As said on the device's product page, the U-Scan is said to be just 90mm in diameter, and will relay a bunch of information and details relating to your body to your phone by analysing your urine by using a collection of biomarkers found in pee - with it then providing advice to improve personal health.

The device will also be able to track your nutrition and hydration, and can even inform women of their monthly cycle by tracking ovulation, all via hormonal fluctuations.

As for how it works, the device uses a replaceable cartridge that can be slotted into the U-Scan's larger body, and as the description reads, will be able to provide "groundbreaking data to assist medical research, clinical trials or remote patient monitoring."

There is no mention as to when the U-Scan will debut exactly, but it is said that it will be coming in the second half of 2023.

Withings has created a personal urine lab as its latest health effort

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