Magic Duels: Origins

Wizards of the Coast talks Magic Duels: Origins

Magic the Gathering goes free-to-play this month - learn all about it.

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We caught up with Wizards of the Coast brand manager Liz Lamb-Ferro to learn more about the free-to-play Magic Duels that just launched on AppStore and is hitting PC and consoles soon.

"Not only is this like a legic, for real, free to play edition, it's got a ton of content in it," says Lamb-Ferro. "So if you use the Magic Origins card set you get to play through as a Planeswalker. There's solo battle mode where you can play against literally thousands of AI decks, so it's a bottomless experience and on top of that, two-headed giant is back. I know a lot of fans have been clamoring for that. They've been very excited about it, I'm super happy to say it's back."


Magic Duels launched last week on AppStore for iOS devices and will launch on Steam and Xbox One later this month with a PS4 version following later on.

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