World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes updates to 2.0

New game mode Conquest added to the game.

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Wargaming has just launched World of Warplanes update 2.0 adding a bunch of new features including a new game mode called Conquest that shifts the focus from more deathmatch-oriented gameplay to more of an objective-based scenario.

"We're proud to share the results of the hard work our team has done," said Andrew Zhugar, World of Warplanes Publishing Director. "Every enhancement, every change was implemented through tense discussions with our devoted community. It's them who made it possible to prepare and launch Update 2.0."

Another big new feature is a new aircraft class, Bombers, introduced via three premium Bombers that can be earned until the end of the month. Bombers have specific objectives on each map.

As you'd expect update 2.0 touches on a lot of areas of the game and adds among other things manual control of your rear gunner. Graphics, mechanics, economy are among the systems receiving tweaks.

For more on the update, check out the official website.


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