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World record set for largest final prize in esports tournament

Wings Gaming took home over 9 million US dollars at The International.

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The International 2016 beat its own record set last year to generate the world record for the largest esports prize pool of any tournament at $20,770,460 US dollars, but now another world record has been set by team Wings Gaming, who won $9,139,002 at the tournament.

The Chinese team now holds the world record for the largest single final prize in an esports tournament ever, as detailed on the Guinness World Records site. This is all the more impressive considering the team only formed in 2014 and their previous largest winnings were $100,000 at ESL One Manila 2016.

A statement by the team shows what it means to them: "It was our dream. The recognition of Guinness World Records is an extraordinary encouragement to us as it could introduce us to more people, and introduce esports to more people."

Stephen Daultrey, Editor of Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer's Edition, said: "Wings Gaming's achievements are nothing short of extraordinary. They are a relatively new team, yet have won one of the most prestigious tournaments in the esports calendar in style."

"As for the International itself the tournament's huge prize pool illustrates how huge esports has become, and highlights the innovative ways in which some of these incredible competitions are funded. For both gamers and fans alike, it's extremely exciting."

Is the prize money of esports going to keep rising?

Dota 2

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