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WRC 8 dev diaries go deep into the level design and physics

The game is released next week, and Kylotonn sheds some light on what went into creating the experience.

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Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn will be putting us in the driver's seat of WRC 8 on September 5, and while there's not long to go, they've given us an insight into the development process with two dev diaries, dedicated to level design and physics specifically.

Art director Amaury Beyris and physics designer Jérémy Lolieux share insights into what goes into making the newest WRC game, and this includes creating 1:1 scale rallies, landmarks, and details for maximum immersion and authenticity, not to mention weather conditions and terrain as well.

Of course physics are just as important though, as this determines how you race on these tracks. This involved partnering with Citroën Racing engineers and rally drivers, who provided help with designing transmission, turbo, grip, tires, and more.

With Kylotonn calling this "the most complete and authentic official WRC simulation ever made," anticipation is high to try out all the 52 teams across 14 countries and over 100 special stages. We only have a few days to wait though, and then we can play it on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Can this be the best WRC to date?


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