Crimson Alliance

XBLA Crimson Alliance announced

COD and Halo Map dev's new project

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Certain Affinity, the third-party developer behind the recent Halo: Reach and Call of Duty Map Packs and formed of a number of ex-Bungie employees, has announced its new project.

It's a cooperative three-player action-RPG called Crimson Alliance with both online and offline gameplay, and offers three different classes - Assassin, Mercenary, Wizard - to play as, each with their own unique play styles. According to the developer, the game merges everything the team has learnt from its FPS work on Call of Duty and Halo, and applied it to the RPG genre.

"One of the reasons I started Certain Affinity was because I wanted to make a game like this - an action RPG with clever AI, fantastic physics and deep emergent gameplay that can be enjoyed with friends in the living room or halfway across the globe," said Max Hoberman, president, Certain Affinity. "Crimson Alliance is that game, finally!"

The game will be released this summer. More details can be foundhttp://www.crimsonalliance.com/

Crimson Alliance

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