Xbox Cloud Gaming will allow you to choose between PC and Xbox version

The beta for the service is available now.

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With Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can play graphically demanding games on smartphones or weaker PC's (starting as a beta today) as long as you have access to fast internet. So far, this has been the Xbox versions of games we can play, but Microsoft is in fact planning to let you choose to stream the PC version as well.

This was revealed in a tweet by the Xbox boss Phil Spencer, where he explains the idea:

"One of the reasons we push for cross save, don't want players to have to decide which version of a Cloud game they play unless they want to. Progress needs to just move with your account, same with community. But PC games will come, focused on console games now."

This way, you could stream PC versions of games and play them with mouse/keyboard - or just enjoy a higher graphical fidelity in some cases. Hopefully, this feature isn't too far off, even if Spencer's wordings makes us believe that we are likely not talking about 2021.

Does this sound like a clever solution to you?

Xbox Cloud Gaming will allow you to choose between PC and Xbox version

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