Xbox Design Lab lets you design your own controller

The service is making a return after taking a break late last year.

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Microsoft launched Xbox Design Lab five years ago. This was a service that made it possible to design your very own Xbox One controllers in an almost infinite number of combinations.

Last fall, this was removed as Microsoft prepared the launch of a new controller with Xbox Series S/X. Today, Microsoft had some good news regarding this during the Xbox Games Showcase: Extended, as Xbox Design Lab now is back.

This means you can now design your controller just the way you want it and also get it engraved. 18 base colors are available to choose from, including the controllers they've launched for Xbox Series S/X; Electric Volt, Pulse Red, and Shock Blue. There are also "a new black-on-color ABXY button option, as well as a new black-on-white color option for the View, Menu, and Share buttons".

To make things even better, Microsoft reveals that most of these colors "are made with plastics containing 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials by weight". They explain this decision:

"These color options will reduce the amount of waste plastic that ends up in landfills and ensure we are all doing our part to take care of the planet. We believe this work is critical and will continue to increase the amount of PCR that we use in our products."

Head over this way to build and order your very own controller, or just to be inspired by others.

Xbox Design Lab lets you design your own controller

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