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      Xbox is bringing back the ability to live stream from the dashboard

      Twitch integration is making it back to Microsoft's consoles.

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      Following its removal back in 2017, Microsoft is reintegrating the ability to live stream on Twitch from Xbox consoles, all through the simple click of a button. Revealed in a new blog post, it is stated that starting today, you can use the Xbox guide to start and manage a stream, using an updated UI with all kinds of welcome improvements.

      Available on both Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles, to access the feature, you need to head to the Capture and Share tab, wherein you can enter the livestreaming section to find the "Go live now" button. If you choose to go live, you'll need to link your Twitch account to your Xbox, using a QR code scanned from your mobile device. After this is complete, once you press the live button, the stream will begin.

      As this is an updated version of the feature, users can now adjust the game volume, microphone volume, resolution and bitrate, and overlay, and you can connect a headset and a webcam to also have that broadcast as well.

      Xbox has also promised future updates to the feature, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

      Xbox is bringing back the ability to live stream from the dashboard

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