Xbox is running an awards ceremony for the best gaming NPC

The show is hosted by Free Guy's Ryan Reynolds.

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In a few weeks time, Free Guy will officially be landing in theatres, and to mark the release, Xbox has joined up with the movie to create a completely real, yet unfathomably daft awards show that celebrates the unsung heroes of video games: NPCs.

The show that is being hosted by Free Guy lead actor Ryan Reynolds will see the award going to one of four selected NPCs, with the winner determined by a Twitter poll on Xbox's actual account. The four candidates nominated for the award are:

You can vote for the NPC that you believe should receive the award here, with voting set to close on August 3. Also, be sure to check out the nominees announcement video below.

As for when Free Guy will be in theatres, the movie will release on August 13.

Xbox is running an awards ceremony for the best gaming NPC

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