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Xbox Live celebrates 20th anniversary with exclusive badge

Users who have been subscribing for 20 years get something special.

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Xbox wasn't the first console to offer online gaming. Two older and fairly famous pioneers were Satellaview for Super Nintendo in Japan and of course Dreamcast, which came with a built in modem. But as always, it's not necessarily about being first, but doing it right, with prime examples being Apple with iPod and iPhone.

Xbox Live made voice chat completely standard by including it and a headset with every Xbox Live subscription and added a lot of other features that are being used to this day, including Matchmaking. Yesterday, this service had its 20th anniversary, which means there are now users that have subscribed to the service for 20 years.

This calls for a celebration, and the badge that shows for how long you've been on Xbox Live, has now got an exclusive update for users that have been using Xbox Live for a longer time than many of our readers are old. You can check it out below.


Xbox Live celebrates 20th anniversary with exclusive badge

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