Xbox Series X is now a real fridge

Hilariously, the disc drive is the handle. It also has a green interior light.

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Microsoft's next-gen console Xbox Series X (and S) is launching November 10, 2020. Back when the device was first revealed, it made people think about a fridge. This created a selection of funny memes on social media, where people actually imagined a full-sized fridge as an Xbox Series X. Well, Microsoft seems to have a sense of humor, because an Xbox Series X fridge is now a reality. This was reported by Microsoft's Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg on Twitter.

Influencer iJustine and famous rapper Snoop Dogg (shared by Wario64 on Twitter) have both gotten their Xbox Series X fridges.

And it really is exactly what it looks like: an Xbox Series X fridge. Would you like to have one of these in your kitchen? Leave your comments below.

Xbox Series X is now a real fridge

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