Little King's Story

Xseed CEO: More niche Japanese games will come to Steam

"They have an extremely long tail and it can continue selling for years".

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Ken Berry, CEO of Marvelous' American subsidiary Xseed Games, has during a recent interview stated his belief that niche Japanese games will keep coming to Steam as more publishers continue to pursue a PC release for their games.

The Little King's story, for example, came to PC in August after an original release back in 2009, and Berry said that although it hasn't sold very well and user reviews aren't always positive, "the great thing about Steam and PC is that they have an extremely long tail and it can continue selling for years, so we're confident we will get to where we want to be eventually." That's why more Japanese publishers may turn to Steam in order to publish their titles.

Steam does come with issues, though, such as play options and resolutions that need to be added to a game to make it compatible with a number of potentially different gaming setups, but Berry expressed gratitude towards PC gamers who give feedback after launch and help solve those issues.

Berry was also keen to assure Xseed fans that the company won't lose its focus. "There will always be some concerns about us publishing a title outside of our usual comfort zone may be preventing us from publishing something else that some of our fans may want or expect [...] hopefully they understand that we are trying to grow the business by publishing titles in addition to that ones that we normally would rather than instead of."

Little King's Story

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