Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

XSET is recruiting for an all-women's CS:GO team

Starting right now.

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The North American esports organisation, XSET, has announced that it is entering into the women's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive space. It has yet to confirm a roster or even reveal the team name, but XSET has stated that it is currently recruiting for this very team.

"Starting now— XSET is recruiting for an all-woman-identifying CSGO team.

"To register for tryouts, follow us here and reply to this tweet. We'll then follow you back and DM you the registration form. BEST of luck".

With the women's esports sector continuing to grow and the ESL Impact tournament continuing to find success, no doubt XSET's arrival on the scene will just be the next of many esports teams looking to explore this area too.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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