Destiny 2

Xur has finally arrived in Destiny 2

He's got some exotic goodies for everyone.

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Xur, the vendor who accepted Strange Coins in Destiny, is back on Destiny 2 and he's sat atop a tree branch in the Chamber of Water area on Nessus. This time around he's taking Legendary Shards as currency, and his stock will change each week.

First up this week are four items; three exotic chest plates, one for each class, along with a Fusion Rifle called Merciless. Each item has a power level of 265+5 and will set you back a considerable amount of shards.

Merciless is undoubtedly the most interesting of the items, due to the Conserve Momentum perk. This means that each non-lethal hit with the weapon reduces the charge time, so eventually if you have enough ammo you can fire it without having to wait for a charge at all, which makes it a phenomenal tool for taking down bosses.

Without any idea as to what's coming next from Xur, this is a solid start. We'd definitely recommend picking it up.

Destiny 2

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