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League of Legends

YellOwStaR leaves Team SoloMid and returns to Fnatic

The Fnatic veteran is leaving Team SoloMid and NA League of Legends to rejoin his old team.

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A familiar face is joining Fnatic's League of Legends squad for the upcoming Summer split. Bora "YellOwStaR" Kim is returning to the team, after a brief stint in the US playing for Team SoloMid during the Spring split.

YellOwStaR will once again be Fnatic's starting support player, and will join the rest of the squad at their Berlin team house in a few days.

Before leaving Fnatic after last year's world championship, YellOwStaR had played with Fnatic for three years. His track record with the team had been nearly impeccable, helping the team win four European championships in that time - including their undefeated run through the Summer 2015 regular season. Fnatic also made it to the semifinals at the World Championship in 2015 and 2014 with YellOwStaR on the squad.

Speaking of his return, YellOwStaR says: "I'm grateful that TSM gave me the opportunity to play in North America, I'm thankful that I got to work with such talented players and staff as well as learning a lot in a few months. Now going forward, with my friends Rekkles & Febiven and our talented teammates, we are aiming to continue the legacy of Fnatic. Replicating the same performances or even better would be an amazing thing to achieve."

The Fnatic organisation is also showering their returning player with praise, as their chief gaming officer Patrick Sättermon says: "Even though we managed to secure the 3rd placement in the Spring Split thanks to hard work and persistence, our goals of being the best team in the world remains unchanged, and with the return of Yellowstar we feel comfortable getting back on the right track to once again qualify for World Finals and challenge the best teams in the world."

2016 has been a rebuilding year of sorts for Fnatic. After their brilliant 2015 performance, several players left for US teams, including YellOwStaR and their star top laner Huni. That left the organisation forced to build a new squad around their power duo of Rekkles and Febiven. Despite a rocky regular season, the team did manage a 3rd place finish in the playoffs.

With YellOwStaR returning to the team's support position, Johan "Klaj" Olsson - who played support for Fnatic during the Spring split - is moving to Fnatic's Challenger series team.

Source: Fnatic.

League of Legends
YellOwStaR helped Fnatic win both the Spring and Summer championships in the EU LCS last year. // Photo: Riot Games

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