Dead Cells

You can check out Dead Cells for free on Switch next week if you're a Nintendo Online subscriber

The game trial can be downloaded now, so you're ready to go on January 26.

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Along with the huge library of classic NES and SNES games that it offers, one of the greatest perks of Nintendo Online is its game trials. In the past, Switch owners have been able to checkout landmark releases such as Overwatch and Pokkén Tournament for free during a short duration.

It looks like Nintendo is set to continue this aspect of the service into 2021, as it has been revealed that a free trial for Dead Cells will be available January 26 - February 1. This trial coincides with the game's second paid DLC Fatal Falls, which adds two new biomes and a new boss to the metroidvania. Also during this timeframe, the Fatal Falls DLC and the Fatal Falls Bundle (which includes all paid DLC releases so far) are available at a discounted price on the eShop.

Is this a trial that you'll be checking out?

Dead Cells

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