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Code Vein

You can learn Code Vein's controls "bit by bit"

Producer Keita Iizuka told us that the challenging game doesn't require you to know everything from the beginning.

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We've spoken to Keita Iizuka in the past about Code Vein, but with Bandai Namco's action-RPG fast approaching its September 27 launch date, we caught up with the game's producer once again at Gamescom, where we asked about the visuals and the designs for the very dark enemies.

"The enemies are Lost Ones, they are lost," he said via a translator. "That means that, before they used to be vampires, who then kind of gave in to the thirst for blood [...] you can see remnants of them being vampires, and kind of leftovers of that life, and [that's] probably why their look is especially brutal and especially horrifying."

We also asked about the controls, which have a lot of different options given the game's difficult and punishing nature:

"That is definitely one feature that we wanted to focus on, because each player has their own play style and also battle style, so we wanted to give many options to adjust that to your own styles. But it's not necessary to understand all of the options right away - you can learn bit by bit while the game is unfolding and you kind of learn more and more about the abilities and options that you have."

Does Code Vein look promising? If so then check out our Gamescom gameplay right here.

Code Vein

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