You can make BioMutant's narrator pipe down in combat

He's necessary for the story, but you can shut him up during fights.

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One notable aspect of BioMutant that many players noticed during the gameplay reveal, is that the narrator is fond of exclaiming during combat. It becomes grating fairly quickly, but developer Experiment 101 is aware that it might not be to everyone's tastes.

Stefan Ljunqvist, studio lead, spoke to Eurogamer at PAX West and explained that the narration is completely dynamic, and that it can be toned down in the settings.

"Each session, the conversation that's dynamic decreases," Ljungqvist told explained to Eurogamer. "So if you play one hour and start your second hour on the same session, we decrease the frequency. If you play 10 hours of the game, the default frequency gets lower and lower.

"You also have a scaler for how frequent you want it," he added. "It scales with your session time, and it scales with your total play time, and you also have a slider."

The narrator can't be completely disabled because he's a character in the story, while also shining light on the world and the characters around you.

"He's contextual to combat scenarios, but also to the world," Ljungqvist clarified. "So for example, if you go into a new avenue, he will narrate that. He'll start talking about the world around you and where you are at that moment. He also narrates what the other characters say, because they speak mumbo-jumbo [i.e. they mumble a non-discernable language]."

So far, BioMutant seems to be ticking all the right boxes in terms of gameplay and story. What's your impression so far?


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