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Grand Theft Auto V

You can't finish Grand Theft Auto V as a full-blown pacifist

The need to kill is real.

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Matthew Judge is better known as a Twitch streamer and a youtuber named DarkViperAU, and for 3 years he has tried to finish Grand Theft Auto V as a pacifist run. In other words the idea has been to play through the game without killing anyone. Now he has made it clear, that it's just not possible.

The final result is, that you need to kill 96 people in order to finish Grand Theft Auto V. Mostly he was hoping that the game's many NPC characters would do the killing for him. In the end, he managed to capture 1000 hours of footage while trying to finish his pacifist run.

And now we know: you just can't do it. GTA V is a game that you have to kill.

Grand Theft Auto V

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