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League of Legends

You could be the owner of a professional League of Legends team

Saigon Buffalo Esports is up for sale, and anyone can make an offer.

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Strangely enough, you could be the owner of a professional League of Legends team, as the Vietnamese Saigon Buffalo Esports team is up for sale. As per a Facebook post by the team (after translation), it is mentioned that due to narrow financial conditions, the owners are looking to offload the entire team "at the most reasonable price possible."

As for what kind of price the owners are looking for remains unclear, but if you do want to make an offer for the team, the contact information for the owners has been provided in the for sale Facebook post.

Saigon Buffalo Esports is not one of the best League of Legends teams in the world or Asia for that matter, but the team has made Worlds and Mid-Season Invitational appearances in its past, and is capable of reaching this level of international competition once again.

Will you be making an offer?

League of Legends

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