Zombi U

ZombiU port is dropping the U

Classification board listing points to Ubisoft title making the format transfer.

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The undead filled action game Zombi U was originally released as an exclusive Wii U title, but recently the first signs of a port for Playstation 4 and Xbox One surfaced. Back then we jokingly suggested that the U part of the name should be removed, and now it seems this is actually the case for a new version of the game.

The reports are not of an official nature as of yet, but The Australian Classification Board is currently listing a Ubisoft game called "Zombi", which has received the rating MA 15+ for ""strong horror violence, blood and gore"".

It seems too much of a coincidence for this to be anything other than the rumored port. How the new version solves the gameplay mechanics that were likned to the Wii U's gameplad controller in the original, remains to be seen.

Cheers, MCV

Zombi U

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